What did you want to be when you grew up?

So, I posed a question on my Facebook wall yesterday and received a lot of responses! The question was, as a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I got a host of answers from: veterinarian, private investigator, singer and the list goes on. But, now my question is how do you feel about where you’ve ended up years later?

Some people now work in retail, the food industry, communications, and some may not be employed at all and others are full time parents. But, for those who feel like it’s not too late to reach for your goals, what’s stopping you from getting that nursing degree, or the Masters, or the cosmetology certificate? 

Go for it! Life is too short to end it in regret. Don’t talk yourself out of your goals because you think you’re too old to reach them. 

Do what you would tell others. Go for it while there’s nothing stopping you but yourself. 

The world changing fast

I just got an interesting email from a former AT&T project manager who worked in the industry for 41 years who said by 2020, the economy as we know it will be completely different. 

I just watched a video where an architect in China made a 6-story building out of a 3D printer. 

Check this out: https://youtu.be/WZ0Inu8YDfk

The auto industry is changing fast also. Companies like Diamler- the company that owns Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler and others, are saying tech companies are their biggest fear, not BMW and Audi. 

Companies like Apple, Google, Tesla and others are changing the game and are designing computers on wheels. 

Technology is catapulting at light speeds. I can only imagine what types of things our children will be doing in the future.

Unique blogger award

First of all,

I would like to thank Sylvia for nominating me for this award. I truly appreciate it. I haven’t really been keeping a solid schedule with this whole blogging thing like I intended. But, I think that speaking from the heart when it comes is far more impactful.

Anyway, to answer the questions given to me in response to the nomination.

  1. What makes you proud?
    1. Something that makes me proud is knowing who I am, even when no one is watching and not feeling like showing off for anyone. I also appreciate the gifts and talents I am blessed to share with others, and the love I don’t deserve to get from my friends and especially my family.
  2. When was the last time you had a good laugh– you know, one of those that come from deep in the belly and makes your sides hurt? Could you share the moment with us?
    1. Yes, the last time I had a good heartfelt belly laugh was when my father-in-law and I experienced the double doozie in Atlanta during my wife’s nephew’s graduation. Please read my post on that to fully understand the entirety of that situation.
  3. What one thing have you not done that you REALLY want to do?
    1. The one thing that I haven’t done that I really want to do is travel. I want to travel and experience life because we only get one of them and we never know how long it will last. In the words of Petey Pablo, “We ain’t promised tomorrow. Shoot, we might lose this thing tonight!”

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The questions for my nominees are:

  1. What is your version of successful?
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The double doozie!

So, a few months ago, my family and I traveled to Atlanta, Ga to celebrate my wife’s nephew’s High School graduation. As we were waiting for the graduation to start, we decided to go get some sweets and refreshments.

Little did I know, this was the wrong move!

So, we hiked up what seemed like 12 flights of stairs in the arena where the graduation was held, and finally reached the top. Being in shape wouldn’t have prepared me for that excursion, but that was the least of my worries.

After reaching the summit, we peered out at the vendors to see what our “options” were. Keep in mind, we knew we were in an arena and had virtually nowhere to go. Unfortunately, the vendors knew this also.

So, we approached a stand with cookies and bottled waters, and I placed my order. “Can I have 4 bottles of water and this double doozie?

Let me explain what a double doozie is for those of you who do not have the privilege of knowing. It’s two decent-sized cookies with creme in the middle connecting the two.

The picture explains it all.

The picture does it justice. Anyway…

So, the guy then responds and gives me my total…”That’ll be $21.” I paused, then looked behind me because I knew he wasn’t talking to me when he said $21 for 4 bottles waters and a cookie sandwich. But, I asked anyway. “Sir, did you say $21???” He didnt even break a smile.

“Yes sir. That will be $21.” Dumbfounded, I had to ask again, just to make sure I was awake. He responded without hesitation. “$21.” And he was so polite, so I couldn’t get mad.

My father in law, who was with me at the time chuckled at my reaction. He was from South Florida, where these kind of prices were commonplace. But, I knew how much a case of Aquafina was. Let alone one bottle!

But, after my third time asking, even my ever-patient father in law started to question the cost. He paused and thought aloud. “If these bottles of waters are $4 a piece, that means that cookie is $5 by itself. Then, without fail, the cashier steps in closer, as if he was telling us a secret and clarifies…”but it’s a double doozie.”

My father in law and I both cracked up laughing, paid the man his $9,682 and got back to our seats as fast as we could.

After that ceremony, I vowed to never leave the house without a cooler of bottled water and goodies again.

Silent battles 

Sometimes I find it ironic that with over 7 billion people on the planet, so many people say they feel alone.

What’s even more interesting is that some of the most seemingly outgoing and positive people are the most depressed and lonely. 

My prayer is that more people, myself included, stop and pay more attention as we rush through our daily routines. Also, I urge those dealing with issues to speak up and talk about their issues and find others to work those problems out with, not just to feel sorry for each other. 

We are to love one another as Christ loves his church.

One love and God bless. 

Who wants to be a MILLIONAIRE

How many times have we seen the videos, or the multi-level marketing get rich quick schemes that promise huge sums of money for little-to-no work in no time…EVERYONE, right! But, my question is- why do we fall for it?

So, I’m sure we all have a friend or someone we know that’s doing pretty good financially or know about a celebrity that claims to have done it all from the ground up and is now very wealthy. But, how many of those people became millionaires overnight? Most likely none. So, why is it that we keep falling for these incentives that urge us to solicit our friends, relatives, neighbors, and even complete strangers for a taste of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. I will tell you why- IMPLIED SECURITY!

I am not talking about security in the perspective of a safe environment, which wouldn’t hurt either. What I am referring to is financial security; the escape from the traditional 9-5, if you’re even lucky enough to get that anymore these days. We all want to be able to swipe our debit cards and not even second guess our ability to cover the balance of that $80 meal that we would’ve normally scoffed at.

So, we do it. We rush out and buy that infomercial special or unique product that’s not even available for public consumption for “fill in the blank” and 99 cents to hopefully get one person to buy, then all of their friends, and before we know it, we have 100 people under us and we’re driving a Lamborghini and living in a mansion big enough to get lost in. But, realistically, most of those systems aren’t for everyone and those individuals that succeed at whatever they choose to do work hard, and I mean REALLY hard! Many of them work so hard they barely see their families. Some of whom have even lost their families due to their relentless ambitions in business. In the words of Ray Lewis, “what seems good, isn’t always good.”

Patience is another virtue we seldom forego, especially here in the U.S., where everything is cheaply made, microwaveable, or should be ready in 5 minutes or less. We think success and financial prosperity work the same way. But, what we fail to realize when we’re watching videos of people who became famous from basement and garage-inspired ideas, like Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Tyler Perry, and more is that they started from humble beginnings and made it where they are today because of faith, hard work, and a willingness to persist until they reached their goals….and they’re STILL doing it.

So, don’t give up, and not all success is monetary. More importantly, don’t keep looking at someone else’s rewards for work you haven’t put in yet.

One love and God bless.